Friday, July 15, 2005

Performance Measurement in celebrancy

I've been fanatical about performance measurement and monitoring for many many years. In my other profession (library and information science) I have always been involved in measuring and reporting on the performance of the libraries I manage, and for a large proportion of that time have had a focus on measuring the impact of libraries services and the value of those services to the funding authority and the community/community of practice which the library serves. You can read some of my papers on my other personal website - the one dedicated to library matters .

In addition to seeking feedback from clients, I also use "tear-measurement" to assist me to gauge client satisfaction with my ceremonies - I count damp eyes because I'm well aware that participants and guests remember how they felt, rather than what precisely was said at a ceremony.

And don't believe that big men don't cry. Fathers are often sooks (Australian for big softie or wimp) at the naming of their children. It warms my heart to see such evidence of their emotional involvement with the children.

I just love this work!

Til next time....