Monday, September 05, 2005

What should the baby wear?

One of the questions I'm commonly asked is "What should we dress our child in for his/her naming ceremony?"

The traditional christening robe - long, lacy gown for both sexes - is becoming less and less common for church christenings, and is rather rare for civil naming ceremonies, which tend overall to be quite casual affairs, in terms of dress, that is. But there is no reason why you shouldn't dress your child any way you want.

The traditional christening robe is lovely, but impractical if you're having a backyard barbeque to follow. I've named babies dressed in a wide range of outfits, including

  • "Heirloom" dresses or suits . These are generally made from fine batiste, linen or viyella and trimmed with smocking, lace, or embroidery. They are expensive to buy, but if there is a grandmother or other relative who would enjoy the challenge of producing a beautiful garment that shows off her fine-sewing skills, why not do her the honour of asking her to make the christening outfit
  • A "baby" tux - black trousers, white traditional dress shirt and black bow tie
  • Comfy everyday outfits made from easy to wear fabrics - these are a good choice as the child can wear them afterwards and will feel comfortable on the day
  • Lovely knitted traditional baby clothes - which look beautiful on a young baby
  • Fairy costumes - nice for a little girl

White is traditional, but not obligatory - so, the answer to the question is - whatever looks good, feels good, suits your budget and appeals to you is fine. The photos are going to be beautiful whatever the child wears, because it is such a happy occasion and the love everyone is there to demonstrate will shine through the pictures.

Til next time....